Behind the Scenes {Gutenberg Edition}


For the past twenty-three years, ACU has hosted the Gutenberg Celebration that honors three specific JMC alumni. These honorees were selected for this award because they have been successful in their careers and have positively impacted the world and the community around them.

The main purpose of this event is to honor these professionals for their outstanding work. Another important goal for this even is to allow current ACU JMC students to make connections with these professionals.

As a current account director for Morris & Mitchell, my team and I are in charge or planning and executing all the details of the Gutenberg Celebration. My main purpose as the event planner is to put on an even that meets the goals and expectations of the JMC Department.

The planning for this event started in the spring semester and has not stopped ever since then. Dr. Bacon, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication Char, is the head of the Gutenberg Event.

Simple things that are the basis of the whole event include:

  • Sending invites out early
  • Deciding on a theme
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Coordinating a team

A junior JMC student, Claire Heath, the account coordinator of the Gutenberg Event says she is, “excited about this event and the incredible opportunity the Gutenberg always brings the students.”

Heath also gave advice on event planning in general, “Don’t forget the trash cans!” Although that may seem like a simple statement, that is something to think about before the event. In reality, event planning is all about keeping up with the little things. Remembering even the smallest details plays a huge role in the success of the larger event.

All in all, the planning of the Gutenberg Celebration 2015 is well underway. It is sure to be a fun and important night for all current JMC students and alumni.


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