A Word to the Wise


I sat down with Joyce Haley a professor in the JMC department to ask her about her college experience and if she could, what would she tell her freshman self.

What was important to you when picking out the college that you went to? 

“My parents would only pay for a Christian college. I picked the one that had the fewest rules. I really wanted to go to UCLA where my friends were going.” 

Do you think that your college experiences helped prepare you for “real life” and a career? 

“College prepares you for “real life” in many ways. I was grateful for a liberal arts education that exposed me to a broad understanding of art and literature and other aspects of culture.”

What are some things you would tell your freshman self if you could talk to her now? 

“I would tell my freshman self to pay attention in class and study harder.”

“Like everything in life, you get out of the experience what you put into it. It doesn’t make any sense to me to pay good money to go to a school and then to be whiney about assignments and/or opportunities to learn and develop as pre-professionals. Just do it.” – Joyce Haley

Food for Thought: Insight from Joyce Haley

  • “Know your self and pick a college that just feels right to you, not your parents or friends.”

  • “If you have strong and specific career goals, make sure the school is well-positioned to be a good launching pad to help you achieve those goals.”

  • “I was grateful for exposure to subjects I really disliked, but later found useful like statistics and business law.”


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