A Lack of Diversity


The Campus

Walking around ACU’s campus, one can quickly see that the women out number the men. As our campus begins to grow – and we accept the second biggest freshman class since the 1980’s – we, as a campus, can see the gender diversity decreasing. In fact, about 63% of this years freshman class are women while only 47% are men.

In the JMC department, the number is more skewed than the university as a whole. In a Principles of Public Relations class taught by Dr. Cheryl Bacon, there are a total of 35 students and only three men. When looking at this in comparison to classes in COBA that tend to be male-dominated, we can begin to wonder about the effects of the lack of diversity.

Future effects

However, as students begin to move on to bigger and better things, (i.e. graduate and get an adult job), I wonder how this lack of diversity further affects their careers.

The men found in the JMC department benefit from this lack of diversity. They are able to get a taste of what their prospective workplace will look like. And when employees see that they have a male applicant for a PR specialist position or journalist position, they get a leg up. They are the diamond in the ruff!

A new perspective

But for the women in the department, I think we miss out on having a more diverse perspective. Women and men, in my opinion, always bring a different perspective to than table, and since we spend four years in a department dominated by women, we miss out on those differing perspectives.

Moving forward, as members of the JMC department, the men – future, current and past – need to continue to be encouraged within our field. We need fresh perspective and more diversity.


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