A day in the life of an intern


For a little over a year, I have served as an intern with University Events at ACU.

This job has allowed me to experience:

  • Designing a Christmas themed dinner
  • Meeting Ben Rector
  • Organizing the green rooms for a music festival
  • Meeting vendors in Dallas
  • Climbing the rafters in Moody for a balloon release
  • Coordinating the annual Parade of Flags during Opening Assembly

This job has impacted me during my time here at ACU. The people I get to work with have taught me and mentored me.

A normal day

An average day as a UE intern begins with some quiet time in the office. This time is taken to check email, look at the Welcome Center Google calendar,  and make a plan for the rest of the day. The daily tasks are written on a calendar that sits on the intern desk. After talking through all of the tasks with Elizabeth, the Hunter Welcome Center Coordinator, I get to work.

A hard day’s work

On an average day, I will go to the Hunter Welcome Center zones and start setting up for the next event. I will start with opening the floating wall so that zones A and B are one big room. Next I will stack  the 400 chairs in the zones.

The chairs are stacked to that catering can easily set up for a dinner in the zones later that night. As catering is working I move to the storeroom to make the centerpieces.

For the centerpieces, I take white hydreangeas and trim them to fit in a black square vase. I do not cut the flowers too short so that they can be used the next day for another event.

The centerpieces are set on the tables and the guest begin to arrive. When it is time for catering to serve, Elizabeth and I opening the doors for the caterers. After the meal we monitor the room and make sure there is not any issues.

At the end of the event, we pick up the centerpieces and help caterering in any way we can. At this point it is 10:00p.m. and time to go home! This job requires commitment and hard work, but allows me to gain valuable experience in my desired field.


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