Who Runs the World? Girls.

Jade McCarthy - March 8, 2013

What do you know about sports? You’re a girl. That phrase has been very common in our society today. When you turn on the tv and turn to any sports network you’ll find a round table of men dissecting plays from any sport. You rarely find a woman in the sports newsroom. They are usually on the sidelines of a sporting event, reporting from there.

In the article by Forbes magazine titled “ It’s Time for Sports Broadcasting to Stop Regulating Women to Sideline Eye Candy” Anne Doyle discusses how women sports journalists are not taken seriously and are there just for the men who are either playing the sport or commentating on it to look at. Doyle states that “Despite their increasing numbers, even the most skilled, female sports broadcasters are usually limited to brief, sideline updates and interviews with coaches during games, while their innumerable male peers are on the air for hours . . . and hours.” I agree 100% on her point that we as women should not be present at events just as entertainment but as a credible news source.

If you want to look at statics Sarah Morrison from Poynter Journalism gathered many from the annual article “Status of Women in Media” report. Morrison says “Media is failing women across the board.” We are not properly represented in news media and especially not in sports media. Numbers don’t lie; the percentage of men to women in the newsroom is 63.7 percent male and 36.3 percent female.

ESPN the world’s leader in sports broadcasting recently published an article through Scarlett McCourt a student worker from University of Arizona titled “Women Have a Long Way to Go in Sports Journalism” In it she name drops many women who have paved the way so that today women are more and more prominent on our TV screens. She also includes quotes from different men expressing their dislike for women being able to discus sports on national TV. One man stated “Get back in the kitchen, and become a housewife” to a female broadcaster. This type of thing is what turns many women away from pursuing this type of career.

Another article written by ESPN contributor Sarah Spain called “Women as Sports Analysts? Yes, We Can!” Includes more statements by men degrading women in sports and broadcasting as a whole. This is very important because first, it brings to light the issue of gender inequality and second, the insults that get thrown at women who are just doing their job.

Richard Deitsch from Sports Illustrated wrote an article about the disadvantage women are against in broadcasting titled “Debating Role of Women in Sports Media.” The article highlights different women in broadcasting and their stories of harassment and gender discrimination in their jobs.

All of these articles remind us that no matter how far we’ve come women have to continually fight to be equal to me in any job situation.

Here are a few more of my thoughts on this topic:


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