Promotional Stuntes Make Money

An impressive amount of creativity goes into producing a successful promotional stunt. If you have a Facebook or an Instagram you witnessed one of the most successful stunts of 2014. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenged consumed my newsfeed for weeks. Raising $115 million, the ice bucket challenge was passed through friends, family, and co-workers, and it was a completely free promotional deal. A significant amount of awareness successfully shared with the world due to this innovative PR stunt.

Top Stunts You’ll Most LikelyRemember

1. Ellen’s Oscar Selfie– This photo was retweeted 32.8 million times, which is the record of the most amount of times a picture has been shared on Twitter. Samsung paid Ellen $20 million to promote their Galaxy Note 3’s camera by staging this selfie.


2. “You all get a free car.”– In 2004. Oprah’s most famous audience giveaway was a promotional deal from the new Pontiac G6 model. Each audience member went home with a free car. This easily became the most talked about giveaway on television.

3. The Greatest Jump– Red Bull promoted their energy drink and an adventurous lifestyle with one of the most engaging stunts performed. Felix Baumgarter wore his Red Bull gear and fell from out of the stratosphere for 24 miles lasting an entire 4 minutes and 22 seconds. This promoted Red Bull with its awesomeness.

4. Mike and Ike are Over– The partnership between the Mike and Ike characters is over. Each box chose a side and only supports that one character. This marketing tactic was clever, bringing in huge celebrities to pick a side in the break up commercial.


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