Social Media in Public Relations

Before a bigger audience in social media was present, public relations resorted to press conferences, various news releases and advertising to drive conversation. For the last couple of years, the role of public relations in social media has amplified in many, if not all, media platforms. Creating newsworthy conversation has been a tactic a public relations has resorted to. With millions of active users on social media, public relations have risen as a solution for companies. Public Relations has helped companies gain customer activity that they need.

Public relations falls under a greater umbrella of marketing strategies that companies use for their personal gain. Through this process, public relations can be the gateway of conversation and participation between a company and its target customer. According to Jim Dougherty, “65 percent of all PR departments are responsible for the social media presence of their companies.”

Public relations can be used as a tool to build relationships. With companies competing for the spotlight, creating customer growth and loyalty is important. One of the best ways to do this is by intergrading all social media platforms. Several companies, such as Burt’s Bees, have had successful PR campaigns on Facebook. Using social media can help a company promote a product or service.

Public Relations is a strategic communication process. PR helps build beneficial and mutual benefits. It has transformed the use of social media. Collaborating media public relations and other marketing strategies, can lead to a company’s success.


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