PR Advice

PR Advice

A popular blog that female Ad/PR students in the department like to follow is NYC PR Girls. This is partly because its fun to imagine living and working in New York City, but mostly because the blog has great advice for people currently in PR and entering PR. A fairly recent post is The Unexpected Elements of PR. The post has great things to expect from a job in PR that no one really tells you about. Such as moving heavy boxes outside in the cold or endless hours spent on excel. All of this seemingly simple advice got me interested in what other advice people had about PR.

Entering PR

Most of the advice blogs had interview tips or tips to follow while in school. These include dressing for what you want and getting internships. Another major tip that comes up often is your social media presence. Employers expect you to know how to be engaging on social media. They also expect for your profiles to reflect you in a positive way.

Moving Up

I also found some valuable advice on how to move up in the PR world once you are already in. The blogger got her advice from a PRSA luncheon. Her post is rooted in having your goals affect what you are doing right now. This includes finding a mentor, learning new skills, and dressing the part. When you have a set goal you can’t sit around and wait for it to happen. You have to take steps to better your career.

Best Advice Ever

Another blog post from PR Daily is about the best advice professionals ever received. Most of it is about being honest in all situations and dealing with journalists. My favorite pieces of advice are about being your own cheerleader. Whether you are entering PR or already in the business, the world can be a tough place. You have to believe in yourself even when no one else does.


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