Media in the Media

In the last ten years, journalism has been more prominent on screen than ever before. From shows focused on the subject like HBO’s Newsroom, to the fragmented look in Netflix’s hit show House of Cards, and the unsavory view of it in ABC’s Scandal.


Before these glimpses we have into the world of modern journalism, the most we had to go on was older movies like All The President’s Men, where we saw secret informants like Deep Throat meeting a young Robert Redford in a dark parking garage. Journalism was portrayed as being something conducted in bustling offices, run by men in suits and loose ties, shouting about deadlines and rules.


Now, we have a better idea of what it really looks like. The HBO series Newsroom told the story of a group of reporters trying to bring real reporting back into the news. Our most recent glimpse however, is through shows like Scandal and House of Cards that give a shadier perspective to the news and the people that report it. In House of Cards, reporters are puppets to be used by the government for their own ends. Scandal’s portrayal of reporters as vultures that are often wrong and mostly scandal-driven is unflattering at best.

Based in Truth?

Are these pictures of today’s modern journalists accurate? If you ask a journalist, they would say probably not. But this is an interesting look at how society perceives journalists and their function as the mouthpiece of the world.


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