Christianity in Media? Look at both sides before you decide.

Some people might say that there is no place for Christianity in the world of media; some would say there is a place for it. I am here to say that I can see both sides of this argument. I would like to bring up the recent scandal at Abilene Christian University that involved a student and the school newspaper. This student, who shall remain nameless, was accused of the act of rape, accused meaning he is innocent until proven guilty. He has currently not been charged with anything. The ACU Optimist printed a story about this incident. The writer of this story shall remain nameless as well. They printed everything that this male student was being accused of and putting his name and face out there for the world to see. Inevitably ruining this mans life on campus. The Optimist is a newspaper on a Christian campus, and I personally see no Christianity in this newspaper anymore.

Yes, newspapers report on the facts and bring out the gruesome stories, but this is a school newspaper on a Christian campus, you don’t bring out the gruesome stories, you bring out the fact that puppies come to campus during finals, the fact that there is a petting zoo on campus one day after chapel, not the fact that a former student is being accused of rape of another student. I personally consider this to be extremely morally wrong and have not read the Optimist ever since this story hit the papers. This is an instance in where I believe that the Optimist has lost the Christianity aspect in media. There are other instances in media but this one is personal to not only me but to the students of ACU. I feel that the Optimist could have protected the identity of this student who was accused of rape, I feel that the Optimist is guilty of defamation of character, basically meaning, they ruined this mans life.

So I personally believe that there is a place for Christianity in media but in this instance there was no Christianity being displayed in this. Some may feel different and that is alright, some may feel that this students name needed to be put out in public for the safety of other students, some may say we need to know what is happening around our campus, there are reasonable explanations for stating this mans name but as I stated before, I feel that the Optimist had no right to do this, leave this kind of story up to the bigger newspapers or news outlets. I feel like I mostly gave my opinion on this subject and I stand by it.


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