Apps necessary for your Public Relations career

As the digital age is upon us, it is becoming harder to stay efficient without the use of technology. In order to keep up with the advancement of technology, we must stay alert of the new technologies on the market.

As a public relations professionals, we are aware of the importance of staying in constant communication with our clients and the office at all times. Staying connected has never been so easy with these five must-have apps:

Handling social media

Staying up-to-date on the latest news has never been so easy. Hootsuite is an online resource and app available for managing multiple social media accounts. It allows you to post and manage all of your social media accounts from one app.

Staying organized

Being able to write down creative ideas or reminders can be tricky when you are on the go. Evernote allows you to sync all of your “ideas, things you hear, and things you see” wherever you go. It works on mobile devices as well as computers, making it universal across mobile devices.

Keeping current

Always being connected to news that is happening in the PR market is essential to your career. Pulse by LinkedIn is an app that organizes news and content relevant to your industry and breaking news stories from around the world.

Sharing and storing

Being able to store and share documents and files from your computer and your mobile device is possible with Dropbox. Dropbox is a free app that uses the web to store your documents and share them with others. It can hold up to 2GB.

Connecting to the office

Sometimes you need to have a meeting with the office or a client while you are on the go. GoToMeeting is an app for Androids and iPhones that allows you to have a mobile meeting with others on the app. It allows you not only to be able to communicate with others, but to also go through presentations or files.

Downloading these apps can help us not only in our daily life but also in our public relations careers.


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