Advertising Caters to Both Genders

What is the difference between the “Always #LikeAGirl” commercial and “Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”? One empowers women; the other empowers men. The two commercials are obviously different; yet, the outcome is still the same. What truly makes advertising to males and females so different?

According to the article “Marketing to Men Vs. Women,” written by Jenn Fusion, women are pulled towards emotion while men are attracted to function. For example, Under Armour released an advertisement about ballet dancer, Misty Copeland. The advertisement was powerful to women because it showed ballet in a new, stronger light that pulled women emotionally, especially if they ever partook in ballet. Likewise, the Under Armour commercial geared towards men demonstrated the practicality and the function of the product by showing a football game. The advertisement worked for the male target audience because it gave a good idea of what the buyer would see and the function of the product in a realistic setting. For a closer look, I interviewed two non-JMC students to see what they thought of the commercials.

The results were conclusive. Logan saw value in the product being shown and worn, proving that it was worth the cost and money. Nicole recognized and related more to the story, participating in ballet as a child, and though she didn’t even know what the product was truly selling, was sold.

The differences are evident if you open your eyes to the media around you. What pulls you in? Is it emotion? Luxury? Detail? The science to advertising is complex and breathtaking, truly catered to men and women alike. As a woman, though I find the Old Spice commercial humorous, it would not lead me to switch my deodorant brand to Old Spice. However, the #LikeAGirl commercial definitely makes me want to go punch a bag and all the gender roles ever placed on me to pieces. Advertising ultimately has the power to influence, inform and entertain both men and women alike.


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