This Textbook Will Help You

The JMC textbooks that we use in our department serve a great role in complimenting the course material as well as providing additional background information about a certain topic. This textbook effectively serves its purpose:


 Mass Media Revolution – J. Charles Sterin

Mass Media Revolution is used in JMC100: Media Issues. As the class gives a general introduction to the JMC field, this textbook is chapter-specific about the various fields of mass communication. Besides that, it gives us a historical background about the invention of various mediums and their development into the advanced versions we use today.

With the use of a storytelling narrative, historical events that are crucial in the journalism, multimedia and Ad/PR fields are also touched on. This content is useful for freshman JMC students to gain insight into the various fields and decide which one they want to pursue.

Like the title suggests, this textbook also raises important issues and problems that are associated with mass communication – often giving us an insight into how this problem started, and how important pioneers strived to resolve it. This makes us open up our minds and allows us to reflect about these issues. These issues include media ethics, gender and race equality, media bias and the role of media.

Here is a list of interesting and less known facts that are included in Mass Media Revolution:

  1. Muckraking is a term where a journalists exposes any misconduct to the public.
  2. The magic number of probability sampling of an audience with ±5% accuracy is 384.
  3. El Misisipi is the first Latino newspaper in the United States.
  4. The Fourth Estate of America’s democracy guarantees the role of free press.
  5. W. Ayer & Son is the first advertising agency in the United States. It was established in 1869.

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