The Balancing Act of a JMC Student

College is a period of time where one balances personal, social and educational responsibilities. Time management is key, as
well as careful planning and excellent executions. If you perform each task with diligence and excellence, success is attainable; however, if one comes into college with one dream and leaves with another, like myself, things change. The plans you have shift and are sculpted differently.

            I did not begin as a JMC student. Two years ago, I had dreams of becoming a nutritionist that helped young girls fight eating disorders. I quickly realized that this was not the career path I wanted, and advertising just struck me as the “real dream”. I switched quickly and replanned, rescheduled and reorganized my brain matter to end college as a successful Ad/PR major.

            I did not realize how difficult going through the JMC program would be. Though I love this major and the material I am learning, the prerequisites and limited classroom space makes it challenging to “get ahead” in the program. Certain classes only available in the fall or the spring, as well as having a computer lab only able to hold fifteen or so students makes registering for classes competitive and stressful. Graduation dates get pushed back an extra semester all because of that one colloquia you forgot about your sophomore year or the fact that the one class you needed was only available in the fall post-graduation.

            As a JMC student, I know the curriculum is constantly shifting so that it is more applicable and relative to what the real word expects from myself, but it makes going through the degree plan difficult. I will still graduate a semester early as planned… I just hope there are no last minute hoops I have to jump through to get to that diploma.


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