JMC – A Faith-Incorporated Department

FullSizeRenderThe Message

Here at ACU, there are many students in the JMC department taking the same foundational classes from a variety of professors.

With so many professors and teaching styles, I asked a number of fellow JMC majors what the most important thing was they were learning from their JMC professors.

The answers I got surprisingly all had one thing in common.

The Impact 

Although each professor is different, it seems that JMC majors are receiving the same message from their professors: faith.

Every student I asked not only incorporated faith into their answer but most of them gave that as their only answer.

“The most important thing I learned from the JMC professors is that there is always a way to be faithful to God in the work that you do for mass media,” said sophomore convergence journalism major, Catherine Blakemore.

Likewise, sophomore convergence journalism major Gabby Robinson agreed, “I think the most important thing I’ve learned from the JMC professors is to always be yourself and be unique in the professional world. I’ve also learned the importance of keeping a strong faith in our field of work.”

I couldn’t agree more. If being in ACU’s JMC department has taught me anything, it is to incorporate my faith in my work.

The Application

God needs Christians in all fields of work in order to further his kingdom, and the journalism world is no exception. ACU recognizes how important this is and makes it a point to incorporate God in the classroom by encouraging students to always integrate their faith in their career.


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