Students get recognized for academic performance

Every year there are four special events for the journalism and mass communication students, faculty, and alumni to gather together: the Gutenberg Celebration, the induction of Kappa Tau Alpha scholars, Senior Sanctuary, and Party on the Patio. As the year comes to an end, the JMC department spends one last time together congratulating one another for their hard work throughout the year.

Serving success

Party on the Patio is an event designed to bring together faculty, students, and even alumni in an informal celebration. During the event, awards are given to students who have succeeded in their academic performance. Awards are also given through various contests occurring at the event. The event is held outside of the JMC department therefore the environment is open to all who pass by. Kenneth Pybus, an Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication, is often seen grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for those attending. Music is being played, and Cajun Cones has been known to sometimes make an appearance. Overall, the event is meant to be a time for mingling with one another and recognizing the hard work done by students in the department.

Showing recognition

JMC students, faculty, and alumni are all encouraged to come support current students in the department. It is a great time to show support for one another and to find out things that have happened in the department the past year. For many, this event will be their last JMC event as an undergrad and they will benefit from meeting from meeting alumni from the field they are interested in. Party on the Patio is a fun, informal event that allows opportunities to network, eat good food, and share in the success of the department.


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