Student Jobs in the JMC Network

So, college is all about preparation for professional life in the future. Now, it is commonly understood that outside the world of academia it is pretty rare that one would need to write a 10-page paper about communication theory. But hey, college is for learning the books and developing skills for a career. What does the JMC Department do to prepare students for the Real World: Professional Edition?

The department itself offers real world experience by giving its students opportunities to join some of the several JMC department student media agencies.

Morris + Mitchell is the student-run Ad/PR agency. It gives advertising and public relations students the chance to work hands-on with some of Abilene’s most successful businesses. Some of the agency’s clients include Frontier Texas! and Pura Vida Salon.

ACU’s campus newspaper, The Optimist, is another opportunity for students to get some real-world experience while at ACU. The twice-weekly student newspaper allows JMC students to interview, write and edit stories that will be read by the entire campus.

89.5 KACU-FM is the radio station on campus that employs student announcers and producers. The station is the only non-commercial NPR station in the Abilene area and works closely with the community by being an active partner in public arts and culture events.

99 West is also a way that JMC students can earn experience. 99 West is a student-run multimedia production agency, which produces video and web services for clients and special projects. Students in the agency direct, produce, shoot and edit projects that can be anything from commercials to informational videos.

The world of professional careers can seem frightening but by working in the JMC department’s student media agencies, future professionals can feel confident in their abilities.



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