KACU Radio Encourages Student Announcers


Savanah Silva is a morning announcer for KACU radio. As a broadcast and journalism major, Savanah shared with me that this on-campus job has allowed her to gain experience as an announcer, and provided the opportunity for her to grow in her skill set.

Practice Makes Perfect

Performing live is a nerve-racking experience. As soon as the “On Air” button turns red, all listening citizens are focused on what this announcer is going to share, and it is Savanah’s job to deliver a great radio show. Savanah has been announcing for a year now and has learned techniques that helped her improve her “on air” appearance such as:

  • Speaking with confidence
  • Relating to the community
  • Covering a variety of issues

Timing is Key

Radio shows take place during the break between songs. This break lasts about two to four minutes. Savanah’s job is to provide weather updates, local news and traffic reports. She has to speak for minutes without hesitation. She shared with me when she first started it was hard for her to deliver her updates in the proper amount of time. She would sometimes finish with thirty seconds left. Thirty seconds of talking does not seem like a big deal, however thirty seconds of silence is very awkward. As she has gained more experience talking behind the microphone she has successfully managed to fix her timing issues and deliver quality news reports.

If you are interested in hearing Savanah Silva radio show tune to KACU 89.5 FM on Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 6-9am.


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