JMC Graduates Choose Non-Profit Work

The Moat Common JMC Graduate Career

The Abilene Christian JMC program has a history of excellence, with retention and graduation rates continually on the rise. But where are those that have graduated and are they still working in the industry? I’ve done some research online and within the department staff to find out which career path has been taken most often by JMC alums. What I found is unsurprising considering the demographics and goals of ACU.


The majority of those that have graduated from the ACU JMC department and still work in the JMC field are involved with Ad/PR for non-profit organizations around the world. Though their job titles, locations, and descriptions vary, this line of work has the highest Wildcat population. There are many successful corporate employees and journalists with ACU backgrounds as well, but ultimately the non-profit sphere is larger.

Why Non-Profits?

There are several reasons why so many ACU JMC graduates decide to work for non-profits, including, but not limited to:

  • A desire to help others
  • Experience in non-profit work
  • More opportunities and connections
  • Higher ethical standards

Students who elected to attend a Christian school have a higher likelihood of choosing work that also reflects their personal values. Not only are JMC graduates drawn to non-profit promotion work naturally. They are more exposed to non-profits than most people in the workforce. ACU partners with tons of non-profit groups for trips, chapel speakers, and job fairs. Students are surrounded with chances at internships, mission trips, and donation requests everyday. ACU JMC graduates know many non-profit workers and are more aware of career opportunities within that sector.

Audrey Gonzalez explains her reasoning for wanting to pursue a career in non-profit work in this short video.


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