Inside Look at Internships

Every JMC student is required to do an internship because of the great benefit of that experience. Finding and completing an internship can be a scary process. Rebekah Cherniss had been searching for the right internship when a professor sent out an email about an opportunity in Houston at GideonStone. Cherniss saw that this opportunity was perfect for her and emailed the person who would supervise the internship, Michelle Morris. They set up a time to talk on the phone and Cherniss had two professors send their recommendations. Just like that she had an internship that was right for her.

Writing Everyday

For Cherniss, the hardest part of the internship became her favorite part. “Writing was never my favorite activity and usually I tried to avoid it as much as possible.” She found though that she enjoyed this kind of writng. Often she wrote news releases announcing someone’s success and accomplishments. This made her writing so much more meaningful. Instead of writing a research paper for a required class that no one wants to take, Cherniss was able to tell people about a company doing work for the good of the world.

Teaching Moments

The biggest lesson for Cherniss was to always be in communication with your client. “A solid foundation and trust with them makes business so much easier.” Her advice to other students about the internship itself is to always ask questions. Supervisors of internships have spent so much time perfecting skills that students are just beginning to master. They usually want to answer as many questions as you have. Teaching moments can happen anytime.


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