Creating Media Messages, a class with Joey Roberts

When I took Joey Roberts course, creating media messages, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought we would make a few power points, do some word art and maybe do something with voice recording. I was wrong; we learned how to be effective on social media and on any media in general. We learned that when a company makes a post or they send out something on the Internet, that it takes a good amount of thought and an even greater amount of effort. You cannot treat social media like something that nobody will see and something that will not affect you personally or your company as a whole. You also have to think about some specific factors that will affect your attempt to reach people via social media.

You have to think about certain things like the demographics in the area you are either in or that you are trying to reach. You have to post accordingly to those demographics. A lot of things can vary and a lot of things can go wrong in this kind of marketing. You can easily offend someone by not fully paying attention to what you are typing or are writing down to type in the future. When you are putting something on the Internet may it be an ad or something of that nature you have to think long and hard about things that can offend people. Creating media messages teaches you how to make effective posts on the internet to attract people to what you are posting. Joey Roberts did a wonderful job at teaching us how to do so and I feel like I can successfully do things right.



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