Asia’s Life After Graduation

For most people after you graduate you find a job, find a place to live and then see where you go from there. For Asia, things were a little different. Asia Eidson, formerly known as Asia Todd, not only got married but also found herself a job, a house, and started her very own business.

Asia graduated from ACU in May 2014 as a multimedia major. During her time here at ACU, not only was she getting a degree, she was also running a sideline photography business called, photobyjoy. Over the course of the week, you can find her taking engagement shots of those “ring by spring-ers” or even senior portraits of those at the local high school.

A few weeks after graduating, she married Tyler Eidson, a senior marketing/finance major from College Station, Texas. She then came back to Abilene and is now working at the Learning Studio. However, that’s not all. Late last year she filed the paper work that needed to be done to have her photography business turn into a legit business. Photobyjoy is now an up and running business. She shoots engagements, babies, senior portraits, family pictures, fun random pictures and much more. Not only that, but she is also willing to travel to different places to get the job done. You can visit her website at

If you have a wedding, proposal, baby shower, etc., coming up, she is the girl to call! However, if you wanted to contact her, you better do it fast because when Tyler graduates this May, the two of them are out of here. They are planning to travel to the other side of the world and explore Southeast Asia for a while.


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