Advice From Bailey Werderich

Group Account Director

As a student, engaging in opportunities can help strengthen experience and efficiency. Being involved in your department is important. Taking initiative when opportunities present themselves can be valuable.

There are many Journalism and Mass Communication students that have taken leadership roles because of their involvement in the department.

Senior Ad/PR major, Bailey Werderich, is a considerable example of someone who has dedicated herself as a student within the JMC Department.

Werderich is the current Group Account Director of Morris + Mitchell. Morris+ Mitchell is a student-run advertising and public relations agency.

As Group Account Director, Werderich, manages the agency as a whole. This includes managing the leadership team, running staff meetings, and making sure the agency is operating efficiently.

“There is so much to learn outside the classroom that you can learn by just getting involved in your department,” Werderich says.

Werderich has learned to look at a situation, see the problem and know the strategic steps to overcome the problem.

After declaring her major spring of freshmen year and studying abroad spring of sophomore year, Werderich encourages students to, “Get involved as soon as you can.” She also suggests, “Get to know your professors on a personal level. They have so much to offer.”

It is apparent how far a student can go if they get involved in their department. Learn as much as you can while you have the time to. It doesn’t take much for professors to realize your dedication and interest as a student.


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