A Glimpse of the Real World.

With most schools that you attend now you are required to have at least one or more internships before you walk across the stage and enter the business world. An internship provides a real world experience that bridges the gap between college and the professional world. Here in the JMC department there are many opportunities to find an internship that fits each individual perfectly. Meghan Eager is a junior ad-pr major from North Richland Hills, Texas. She is a member of Ko Jo Kai, works for Morris + Mitchell and is currently interning for Business services at the ACU World Famous Bean.

What are some of your duties as an intern?:

Meghan: As an intern for ACU Dining services, my main job was to promote ACU dining through on campus tasting events. We did numerous events through Starbucks in the Library, but we also featured some of the snacks that the campus store had to offer in the campus center. I also had the opportunity to help with event management for themed meals in the Bean.

What is your favorite part about working in business services?:

Meghan: I think my favorite part about working with ACU Dining services was the smile on peoples faces when they realized the food was free. Just the joy I was able to bring to people really made me feel good about what I was doing.

How is this internship helping you with skills you can use in public relations?:

Meghan: I think that as a public relations professional you have to have outstanding communication skills. This internship gave me the opportunity to go outside of my comfort zone and talk to complete strangers while trying to get them interested in the items I was promoting.


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