Why is Comm Law so Hard and Why do We Need It?


Every student that has passed through the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication has at one point taken the dreaded plunge into the Communication Law course. This course has a reputation for being extremely hard, the workload and reading requirements are massive, and the subject matter a far cry from most of the other courses in the JMC.

So what is “Comm Law”?

Taught by Dr Pybus, this course covers the entirety of Communication Law, from libel to copyright infringement. All of this information is important for anyone going into a field where content creation is necessary. If a journalist went into the workforce without a decent knowledge of what slander is, it wouldn’t be long before their lack of knowledge became apparent.

Fear Factor

The need for this course is obvious, but the question remains: why do JMC majors dread this course so very much?

The answer lies in how very much this particular course differs from all the other courses we are required to take in the JMC. Visual Media and Writing for Electronic Delivery are just a few of the content-creation driven courses that are required to graduate with a degree from the JMC department. Comm Law is completely different. It is very much based in things like case-studies, analysis of content for libel or slander, and studying laws and bylaws.

Communication Law is not as scary as it sounds though, and it is useful information for any JMC major to have. It is merely different, hence it’s reputation.


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