The History of the Gutenberg

The Gutenberg Award is an award given to a prominent alumnus of the Department of Journalism of Mass Communications every year. The winner of the Gutenberg Award receives a replica of the original Gutenberg Press.

Who Qualifies

The honoree must be a 10-year alum of the department. Past recipients of the award have been people that have made significant strides in various fields in Mass Communications, from journalism to Ad/PR.


The history behind this award is prestigious, as the Gutenberg press was the first press that made the Bible accessible to the lower classes. Johannes Gutenberg printed the Bible in German instead of Latin. German was the tongue of the common people, while Latin was the language of the clergy and the upper classes. The symbolism, therefore, of giving an award named after Johannes Gutenberg is significant. As a Christian university, ACU tries to prepare it’s graduates to go out into the secular world and make a positive difference in the name of the Lord. This award, named for the first man to put the Bible in the hands of the people, is a great honor.


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