Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Cade White is a professor of photojournalism here in the JMC Department. He graduated from Abilene Christian in 1998 with a master’s degree in mass communications. Before that he earned a bachelor’s degree for photojournalism in 1990 also from ACU. In the same year he earned the departments journalism award. During his time here as a student he contributed to many publications for things such as Sounds of Success,” ACU Today, Fall 1997, “Happy Man,”   “The Apostle Doc,” “Goin’ To The Chapel,” After graduating he became the Faculty advisor for the on campus hello book, and the photography advisor for The Optimist. Mr. White is also a mentor for student photographers here on campus and also acts as an advisor on campus publications. He has excellent work experience in his field. So far he has worked for the San Angelo Times, The Abilene Reporter News, and the Temple Daily Telegram. Professor White is a member of the National Photographer Association, The Society of Professional Journalism, and the Kappa Tau Alpha National Honor Society. As someone with such a long and intertwined history with Abilene Christian and the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications I wanted to sit down with Professor White and discuss some of his favorite memories from his time as a student and as a member of the faculty.

What were some of your favorite memories from being a student here in the JMC department?

Wow, there is so much I remember from those days, it really revolved around working in student media and mainly the Optimist, Some assignments that I was given in class were memorable. There was a lot of camaraderie with the student and just mainly having fun. We spent a lot of time together doing activities such as rolling chair races, or exacto knife contests.

What were some of the coolest events that you were able to photograph?

I was given the opportunity to photograph numerous sporting events, such as Dallas Cowboy football games! As a reporter whenever you are given an assignment you went wherever you were told!


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