Paige’s of Sports Photography


Paige Otway is a photographer for ACU’s “The Optimist.” Her incredibly talented eye for unique angles and willingness to be available to photograph sporting events has allowed her to take quality photos that share the athleticism of this university’s student athletes.

From Soccer to Celebrities 

Otway first got into photography in high school shooting the men’s soccer team. Soccer is by far her favorite sport to photograph. Unfortunately, men’s soccer is not a collegiate sport at ACU, so she has been able to gain more experience in photographing football, volleyball, men and women’s basketball and women’s soccer.

Otway see’s a career as a professional sports photographer in her future. She appreciates the opportunity ACU’s newspaper has provided her to grow in experience. Otway shared, “The Optimist helps me to continue to improve my skill set, and it gives me unlimited access to events affiliated with ACU. I have used this to my advantage many times, especially when celebrities come into town.” She shared with me that she was able to meet Condoleezza Rice, Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty and Kent Brantly, the ACU Alum that survived Ebola. Apparently, working for “The Optimist” has many perks that come with the job.

Passion Shows Through Photos 

If you are interested in seeing some of her work for “The Optimist” or her personal photography shoots check out her Facebook page, Paige Otway Photography. Her bright personality and easy-to-admire spirit, I believe, is going to allow her to become very successful. Paige loves what she does and truly feels she has found her purpose in life. Her love for photography shows through each photo.


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