New Year, New Classes

Entering as a freshman in college can be intimidating yet exciting. Before beginning your adventures in college, first thing’s first: registering for classes.

Depending on an individuals major, the Journalism and Mass Communication Department requires students to take specific courses that will prepare them for their future careers. After taking prerequisite classes, students are opened to more class options. One of many classes to look forward to is JMC 348, Principles of Advertising.

Principles of Advertising is taught by the advisor of Morris + Mitchell, Professor Joyce Haley. According to the course description catalog, principles of advertising consist of “ principles and practice of advertising, with an emphasis on the strategic process: research, creative and media strategy, production of messages, and evaluation of advertising effectiveness.” Professor Haley gives students assignments that give them insight into the advertising and marketing process. In this class, Professor Haley groups students for a project that takes most of the semester to complete. Students are paired and given a company to virtually promote. This is a assignment that give students experience with teamwork, adverting, promotional and strategic planning. A Student can typically take this class their spring semester of their junior year.

Students can always refer back to various degree plans that the Journalism and Mass Communication Department offer. Course descriptions can also be found by searching, “JMC degree plan” on the ACU homepage search engine.


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