Freshmen Choosing the JMC

So, we have all been there, you’ve just graduated high school and now the world is your oyster! You are going to ACU in the fall and can do anything you want. You can stay out late with friends, play your music loudly and even eat ice cream for breakfast! There is just one question you haven’t asked yourself yet, “What am I going to study at college?”

These two freshmen asked themselves this same question this past fall and chose to join the ranks of the best at ACU, that being the JMC department.

“I have been doing journalism since the beginning of sophomore year of high school. During the application process, I marked undeclared as my major because I was still debating on whether or not do journalism. With a bit of research, I found out that the JMC curriculum was excellent and met up to my standard. That is when I decided that, yes, I was going to be a wildcat,” Mariana Cedillo, freshman, convergence journalism major from McAllen, said

Students’ reasons for being drawn to the JMC department can be diverse. The next story of how one freshman came to JMC is very different from Cedillo’s, and just shows that the JMC is a place for many different types of people.

“I chose to be in the JMC Department because I’ve known for a long time that I have wanted to pursue a career in media. My parents both have media related jobs, and I have learned some things from them. I also have pursued my own endeavors in the field starting in high school. JMC was the obvious choice for me and I absolutely love it!” Jessica Clark, freshman, multimedia major from Wylie, said.

There are many reasons why students pick the JMC program, some choose it because they think they are good writers, some choose it because they believe they are good at producing content. No matter the reason, the JMC program, and its staff, will be there to help budding students harness their powers of journalism and mass communications.


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