Experiencing Linsey Thut’s internship

IMG_6703All journalism and mass communication students known the rush of panic when junior year flashes by. Having an internship in their field is a requirement for graduation, one that causes many anxieties. No matter how prepared students are, all are nervous about finding an internship that could shape their future careers. For Linsey Thut, a senior journalism major from Keller, Texas, it was no different.

Searching for the one 

Linsey Thut started off her internship search just like every other JMC student, spending countless hours applying to internships posted online. After months of applying, Linsey returned home for the summer without hearing back from any internships she applied to. As she started to feel defeated, an opportunity to work for one of her favorite shows arose. The Daytripper is a TV show based out of Georgetown, Texas. The show follows Chet Garner as he travels to Texas cities and landmarks that can be explored all in a day trip. After applying for the internship, Linsey got the job days later and spent the rest of her summer break exploring alongside Chet and his team.

Becoming a Daytripper

Over the summer, Linsey Thut got to learn about pre-production, production, and post-production techniques. She got hands-on experience with editing as well as graphic design, both of which she never done before. Outside of the office, Thut got to travel to various cities with Chet and his team. She worked behind the scenes with filming and even guest-starred in a couple episodes. Working for the Daytripper allowed Thut an experience she would not have had if she had worked for a journalism company. She got to experience working for a different field and had her eyes opened to new jobs she could pursue in the future. Her advice to fellow students and alumni searching for internships and jobs: “Don’t freak out” and “Just because you have a certain degree doesn’t mean you can’t do other things”.


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