Catching Up with Adrian Patenaude

adrianAdrian Patenaude graduated from ACU 9 months ago as an Ad/PR major, and even though she was expecting post-grad life to be difficult, she had no idea it was going to be THAT difficult.

Finding a Job

The summer after she graduated, Adrian received rejection after rejection from different companies during her job search. It took her some work and faith to not take this personally – being a celebrated college graduate to being unknown and unemployed in a competitive job market. This forced Adrian to face the reality that things do not happen as planned. She kept applying and networking, and was eventually able to connect with an ACU alumnus who offered her a full-time paid internship at a PR firm in Austin.

This PR firm was Crosswind Media & Public Relations. Adrian was encouraged to see how well prepared she was for the job, due to her professors, the JMC program and other opportunities she pursued at ACU. As an assistant account coordinator, she specializes in social media and copyrighting. Being fluent in social media, she is in charge of creating content for social media posts as well as engaging followers. In terms of copyrighting, she is responsible for creating flyers, video scripts, web content, etc. for various clients.

Her Advice

Adrian’s advice for JMC students would be to go above and beyond in the classroom. Just sitting in class will not be enough to set you apart from other qualified candidates out there. Find ways to expand your portfolio in tangible ways. Take advantage of student media organizations, as they are excellent opportunities to create real work for real clients.

Finally – learn to appreciate group projects. Half the battle of succeeding in the workplace is learning how to work well with your team and knowing how to deal with clients. Group projects will teach you the soft skills that are vital for any workplace. If you know how to communicate clearly, as well as be diplomatic and diffuse tension, you will be an incredible asset to any team.

Adrian’s portfolio:


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