Behind the Desk of Barbara Bush-Lamming

As you enter the third floor of the Don Morris Center to make your way to one of your journalism classes, Barbara Bush-Lamming’s face is the first you see, usually greeting you with a smile.

It’s been that way for five years now, and it doesn’t look to change anytime soon.

Bush-Lamming, or “Barb” as she’s affectionately known around the department, came to ACU in 2010 along with her son, who now attends Texas Tech University. In her five years here, she’s become the go-to person for most of the small, daily JMC issues that can arise on any given day.

“I do a lot of putting out fires,” Barb said. “I don’t know that there is a typical day because anything can come up.”

As administrative coordinator, Barb has a finger on almost everything going on in the department. She’s the main informant to all students about department events and chapels and the one you go to when you have issues with the smallest details, like getting your student ID to swipe you into the newsroom. She’s happy to take care of students, no matter how small the problems they bring to her.

Though her son has moved to Lubbock, Barb says she has no immediate plans to leave ACU because she loves it here. She says her favorite part of working at ACU is the people and the caring environment they’ve created.

“I think people here are very concerned about others here, and while they’re very willing to express their opinions, they’re maybe not as driven to make sure that they’re heard and their opinions are forced on other people,” she said.

Barb does, however, have a lot of family in Wyoming where she’s from and plans to retire to the north again one day.

“Dr. Bacon always jokes about when she retires, and I always figure that I’m going to go with her.”

We hope that day won’t come for a while, but ACU will sure miss Barb and her smiles.


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