Alaina Williamson Joining the Alumni Club

May 2015 is approaching quickly which also means that graduation day is coming up. More Wildcats will be joining the alumni club including a senior Ad/PR major, Alaina Williamson.

Alaina is from Rockwall, Texas and came to ACU in the fall of 2011 as a graphic design major. However, she didn’t feel that it was the major for her. She then switched over to digital entertainment and discovered that it wasn’t the right major for her either. That’s when she decided to do a little more research about the other majors that the JMC department had to offer.

“I chose Ad/PR as a major because I was interested in advertising and getting to be in the creative side of the business world,” said Alaina and she stuck with it.

Throughout college you will gain many different experiences. Each department allows you to get different experiences from what they have to offer. When asked what her favorite experience was during her time here, she said she loved working for Morris + Mitchell. “I not only learned a ton but also loved getting to meet new people and enjoyed growing close to my classmates.”

Planing for the future is scary and as if graduating and looking for a job isn’t enough, Alaina is also getting married this summer! Her and her husband, Brandon Gideon, are planning on moving to Dallas where she will hopefully be able to find a job she likes. “I’m keeping an open mind about job searching, but am hoping to find something where I’m able to be creative.”

New experiences and responsibilities are approaching fast for Alaina and in a few short months she’ll be reaching many milestones. The future is full of adventures and Alaina’s case is no different.


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