Advertising: Creative Marketing?

To some, advertising is the budding flower of the marketing world. Advertisers take the research marketers have compiled over a length of time and create a campaign to promote and increase revenue for the client. The relationship between the two disciplines must be perfected to guarantee success. Could this be the reason for an increase in marketing majors enrolling in advertising classes across the United States?

Required Courses

Here at Abilene Christian University, I am an Ad/PR major with a concentration in business. I took the Principles of Marketing class because it was required in my degree plan. Although the advertising classes are not “required” for marketing majors, their major requirements include choosing either three advanced marketing courses or taking advertising classes here in the JMC building. These classes include:

  • JMC 348 Principles of Advertising
  • JMC 390 Advertising Creativity and Copy Writing
  • JMC 391 Ad/PR Media Planning

Craving Creativity

According to the site, advertising is, “the act of getting the word out to consumers about a product or service,” while marketing is, “the larger process of successfully selling products or services from start to finish.” Those with a creative urge in the marketing field are usually drawn to advertising for it’s artistic appeal. I spoke with Carson Carter, sophomore marketing major, about his interest in advertising. “I study marketing because I like the way people think and numbers make sense to me,” Carter begins, “I take advertising classes because that’s what I enjoy, but wouldn’t be as successful in.”

Lost in the Mix

In the end, advertising is still only a very small part of marketing as a whole. As you see from the graphic below, advertising is a small soldier in a large business operation; however, there are benefits for marketing majors to take ad classes.


In addition to knowing the jargon in the advertising industry, marketers can also sweeten their logical palettes with an added bit of creativity.


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