A glance at the man known as, Joey Roberts

For this blog I interviewed a man by the name of Joey Roberts, and how his faith has impacted or affected his career in media.

What was your first job out of college?

“My first job during my undergrad and graduate years was in the sports information office at ACU. I served as the student assistant, and then as the graduate assistant. My first full-time job was at Southwest Baptist University as the sports information director. I started there in January 2001. After almost three years at SBU, I moved to Tarleton State University as the SID. I spent eight years there before becoming the communications minister at University Church of Christ in Abilene.”

Can you think of a situation where your faith was tested?
“I can think of several situations where my faith was tested. One of the first times was not on the job, but at church. The options of Churches of Christ were limited in Bolivar, Mo. At the time, there was only one church that had Bible class and worship services, so I attended that congregation. Some of the things they were teaching stretched my faith and really made me study my Bible and made me reaffirm what I had previously been taught and believed. Once I moved to Tarleton, I feel like my faith was tested more often because I was at a state school. Although I was pleasantly surprised at the Godly environment often presented at Tarleton, there were several times I had to stand up for what I believed was right or that I had to walk away from a conversation.”
In your career have you had an instance where you used your faith to help with a task?
“I believe my faith has helped me along my life’s journey. One instance that pops into my mind is when we lost a football player on the practice field. I had never had to deal with the loss of a player during an athletic event. While I was not close to this particular student-athlete, there were many I was close to that were affected in a deep way. Thankfully, I had a belief in God and knew what it means to have the hope presented through the salvation of Christ. That hope helped me to be able to talk and counsel players and other staff members. Also, all of the athletics staff and student-athletes knew my position on Christianity (and most were Christians themselves), but there were times people would come to me to talk when they needed to have someone to talk to or someone who would listen. I had several “counsel” sessions with staff members and student-athletes that were in search of some guidance. I was, and am, not perfect, but I heard several comment to me or about me about my beliefs and how they always knew where I stood.”
Have you had a job where you were asked to go against your faith for an assignment? What was it? Did you do it?
“I can not think of anything along the lines of being asked to go against my faith. One of the things I regret about the sports information position is missing a lot of church services and activities because of covering games, events, etc. I missed a lot of time with not only my church family, but with my own family as well.”
As you can tell by this interview, Joey Roberts is a man of faith. A man of faith that even through his career he has stayed true to that faith. Abilene Christian University instills faith in students and helps them further their faith so they can have a long lasting relationship with God.

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