Preparing Students for Future Internships

There is one similar occasion that students prepare for as they enter and leave college. This is the application process that implements an individual’s involvement and experiences in the last few years. However, when someone graduates college, their applications will be submitted to their future employers. In order to strengthen skills and gain experience, it is important for students to get involved in their field of study. The Journalism and Mass Communication department prepares a student for just that.

The JMC department requires students to complete an internship before graduation. These internships must meet the Journalism and Mass Communication Department requirements, which include participating in minimum of hundred-twenty-hours of work within the internship. This internship is meant to encourage students to get hands on experience in their particular field of study.

When given this information, students might ask a crucial question, “How do I get started?” The first step in this process is knowing what time of the year you want to take on an internship. This is essential because as a student, it is necessary to take the JMC internship course (currently JMC 495.01), which prepares a student for their internship. This class it taught by Professor Doug Mendenhall. Professor Mendenhall not only prepares students for their internship but also manages the internship blog for the JMC department.

The internship blog makes it possible for students to get connected to employers of various fields of studies. This expands a students possibilities and awareness of future internships. The internship blog is updated regularly with internship alerts given by Professor Mendenhall.

The internship blog is a good source of information that encourages students to take on the next step in their future.


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