Joyce Haley’s Life Before ACU


From a respected co-worker to Teacher of the Year at ACU in 2013, it would be so easy to make this an appreciation post in Joyce’s name.

And while her teaching career does indeed demand recognition, Joyce’s professional career in advertising was nothing short of successful either.


Beginning in 1993, Joyce worked as an account manager for a fairly large advertising firm in Texas, Fogarty Klein Monroe.

As one of the highest positions in the advertising world, her main job as account manager was to make sure the firm’s clients were happy.

This requires a lot of people management tasking which may seem simple enough but after talking with Joyce, I realized the responsibilities run deep.


There are three main duties of an account manager:

  • Talking with clients
  • Briefing new projects
  • Checking budget and billing

Three tasks and one crazy work schedule.

According to Joyce, a typical work day lasts about ten hours, three of which are focused on preparing while the other seven are spent dealing with people.

Whether it’s on the phone or in person, account managers are the only people the clients interact with at the firm so making sure everyone is on the same page is a critical part of the job. This can take up to several hours as they must go back and forth from client to teams within the firm in order to discuss strategy and future courses of action.

On top of this, account managers are in charge of numbers as well. Checking the budget and monitoring finances is another big part of the job as you want to make sure your client is making money.

As Joyce put it, “The job is multifaceted, you’re involved in all aspects.”

The Respect

After speaking with Joyce, I not only learned more about advertising, but gained more respect for her as a person, especially her work ethic.

She strives to be the best at what she does and it shows. So while this is just a snippet into her success, I’m sure it won’t be Joyce’s last.


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