Anyone Can Notice Typefaces on Campus

Every typeface has a connotation and a purpose. Around the ACU campus there are numerous typefaces used to convey meaning to students, employees, and visitors daily. Here are a few quick representations of some of the types that make up Abilene Christian University and their histories:


All students and faculty have myACU accounts that update them on campus news, record chapel attendance, emails, and grades. the logo for this site is the combination of two typefaces and two words combined, the first being ITC Galliard Bold Italic. This cursive was designed by Matthew Carter in 1978 to reflect the work of the 16th century type designer, Robert Granjon. The ACU portion of the logo is written in Interstate, a type created by Tobias Frere-Jones in the early nineties. As its name reflects, this style was inspired by the U.S. Highway system signage found across the country. By combining these different faces, Abilene Christian is moving from the old to the new. The logo represents innovation in a sleek and subtle way.


The main typeface used in the entrance signage and building names around ACU is Frutiger. this humanist sans serif comes from the Swiss designer, Adrian Frutiger, in 1975. Frutiger Light and frutiger Bold can be found declaring where on campus you are, such as Cullen Auditorium. This simplistic design works to provide excellent legibility while also offering a slightly organic feel. the consistency with which this typeface is used on campus has made it a recognizable characteristic for any building of ACU.

Typefaces often carry about their business entirely unknown, but the connections people make with lettering is undeniably true. These are just several typefaces that can be seen regularly on ACU’s campus. Next time you are walking the Lunsford Trail or meandering past the Gata fountain, take a moment to notice what typefaces you see.


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