The Rise of 99 West

99 West is the newest student-run agency in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. The agency’s main focus is various multimedia platforms such as video production, graphic design, and project planning. With the expansion of technology and the massive growth in digital media over the last 15 years, 99 West was inevitable, and has bee a welcome addition to the department.

99 West has several clients, including Frontier Texas museum and Pura Vida Salon. These clients have used the agency’s services for new graphics, new logos, TV advertising, and branding purposes. The staff has produced wonderful work for these clients, setting themselves up as a talented agency capable of producing content normally found at a professional level.

Faculty advisors Jessica Smith and Cade White merely guide the student team, leaving it up to them to be organized, driven, and above all creative. They work closely with Morris+Mitchell, the student-run Ad/PR firm, sharing clients and collaborating on projects.

The Rise of 99 West has been a positive thing for the JMC Department, and students who wish to pursue a career in multimedia production can gain excellent experience with a job in this student-run agency. This, and all the other student-run media in the JMC shows just how prepared students that are involved in these organizations are to join a career world that is on the forefront of new technology and where we will potentially change careers up to 10 times. Student media gives graduates the experience that they will need to compete in such a changeable market.

What careers can you pursue with a degree in multimedia? Listen here to find out!


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