Social Media in the JMC Department

In what has been deemed the golden age of social media, sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are being used by more than just teens looking for likes. Businesses, universities and career professionals of all ages are present on multiple social media platforms. Being relevant on social media is an essential these days and this is no exception for the JMC department.

How the JMC Department Uses Social Media

The JMC department has several online presences in order to update its followers about university events and share what is going on at the university’s campus. The department itself has a Twitter (@ACUjmc) and Facebook page, as do the several agencies of the department.

There are several accounts on Twitter associated with the Optimist. There is @acuoptimist, @OptimistSports. The Optimist also has a Facebook page, Flickr and YouTube page.

The JMC Network’s professional Ad/PR firm Morris + Mitchell also uses twitter (@Morris_Mitchell) and Facebook.

The on-campus, NPR affiliated radio station, 89.5 KACU., also has a Twitter account (@KACUFM).

The on campus student multi-media agency, 99 West, has a Facebook page.

Is Having a Presence on Social Media Important?

 So, with all of the twitter handles and Facebook pages that were just mentioned, is it really important to be on sites like Twitter and Facebook?

A 2013 study from the University of New Hampshire, assessed the social media usage of 1,127 students from all colleges at the university and found that 96% of those studied used Facebook, 84% use YouTube and 14% use Twitter.

Although this study is not a representation of ACU, it is easy to see that social media usage by college students is pretty high. For a department that thrives on getting messages out to community, it is wise for the JMC Department to keep up with all forms of social media.


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