Optimist creates annual Sing Song Edition

Since 1956, Abilene Christian University has participated in its well-known tradition, Sing Song. Each year men and women’s social clubs, as well as coed groups perform in this singing competition. For five weeks, one-third of ACU’s students are seen running around campus and up at late hours trying to get school work accomplished as well as dedicating numerous hours to practicing their performance.

The Optimist, ACU’s student ran newspaper, is just as busy during the week of Sing Song. Every year the newsroom is buzzing with sounds of Sing Song and people running back and forth putting together enough stories to fill the Sing Song Issue.

Selection of News Content

 The Sing Song Optimist Edition is one of the most important publications to the Optimist staff. The 16-page paper is submitted each year to compete against other university’s newspapers at Texas Intercollegiate Press Association, also known as TIPA. Since the paper is submitted to enter this competition, the Optimist staff has to pick the most newsworthy stories that will be in the Friday Sing Song Issue.

The Optimist editors in the past have been solely responsible for filling in empty pages with news articles, but this year will be having help from several JMC news writings classes. Even though the paper is double the amount of pages it usually is, the pages can be filled with various photographs that will limit the amount of news stories needed.

Printing Issues

The biggest obstacle for the Sing Song Issue is time. The Optimist Editors have to manage content and organize the stories together in a timely fashion that usually requires working late hours in the newsroom.

Due to printing complications this year, the staff has a new hurdle: an earlier deadline. The editors have been preparing stories in order to stick to their deadline and will be counting on students to help fill in the news content for this year’s issue.

The Optimist Sing Song Edition is available to Alumni in paper and online at http://www.acuoptimist.com/


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