Block gives intramurals a voice

With the move to Div. I and the new stadiums being built on campus, media coverage of ACU athletics has had a lot of material to work with over the last couple of years.

But with a new emphasis placed on our tougher schedules and higher level of play, there’s still an entire group of athletes ACU’s media platforms have done a poor job of representing throughout the years… until now.

Daniel Block, convergence journalism major from Dalmeny, Saskatchewan, Canada, is now the first-ever intramurals editor for the Optimist. His main responsibility is covering all intramural sports in one issue each week in his column, The Rec-Covering Addict.

Block transferred to ACU his junior year after attending the University of Saskatchewan and quickly established himself as one of the best Optimist staff writers. When presented with the opportunity to cover intramurals, he took on the role with enthusiasm and has produced a column that draws readers in with its satirical, humorous tone.

“In order to stay true to the name of sports journalism, it is my duty to overanalyze and over-report and predict winners and conduct interviews as though the championship was being awarded tomorrow,” he wrote in his first column of 2015.

Humor isn’t the only thing Block brings to the table, however. He is a star runner on the track and field team who has broken school records and earned top-five finishes in almost every meet he’s participated in since coming to ACU. So when it comes to sports, he knows what he’s talking about (although he admits often in his columns that as a Canadian, he mostly only enjoys hockey and running.)

Still, he’s brought a new element to the Optimist that connects the paper to the students and gives them a reason to look at Page 2, which is usually just full of ads and school notices.

So here’s to the man who has finally given a voice to those he once defined as the “best-athletes-still-holding-onto-the-dream ACU has to offer.”


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