Faith in the Professional World

Dr. Kenneth Pybus has education in journalism and in law. He has used that education for both writing and teaching. I asked him to discuss the challenges of living out his faith while in the professional world.

In the World

Pybus states a large challenge for professionals is being in the world but not of the world. Journalists are supposed to be objective voices telling a story. What becomes a challenge is when a journalist is tempted to be an advocate for one side of the story. This can come up when you are a Christian because you do not want write something that says living in sin is fine. Pybus says to overcome this a journalist must recognize their biases to be able to put them aside. “You can’t put it aside unless you recognize it.”

Changing the World

ACU students are encouraged to change the world. Many students want to change the world with their profession. The challenge is are you changing the world for the better or for the worse? Pybus acknowledges that society tends to blame media coverage for bad situations getting worse. He uses the example of events in Ferguson. Some people blamed the epidemic of protests on the fact that so many protests were being covered. Journalists might argue that they are changing the world but are they changing it for the good? “We have to chose what we draw attention to. Because there are only so many places for people to look, we have to be careful where we direct the eyes of the people.”

Humility in Success

Students often talk to Pybus about their ambitions. Pybus is concerned about their humility. The Bible teaches humility and taking care of the people around you in many places. A challenge to professionals is do you want to move up in the world to advance the Kingdom or to advance yourself. Pybus thinks that this “selfish ambition” leads to greed and envy, which is “dangerous for Christian living.” Pybus’ advice to avoid these dangers is to trust that the Spirit is moving in you whatever you are doing. “Its good to constantly be looking back and look at events that God used to form who you are.”


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