Allison Brown: Across the Pond

Allison Brown, sophomore journalism student and managing editor for The Optimist, is spending her semester across the pond in Oxford. Growing up, she dreamed of studying abroad while listening to her parents’ own experiences in dreamy London and all their adventures. Plus, she is a fan of most British folklore including (but not limited to) Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, and the Queen of England.

Oxford has already shaped Allison as a student, person and JMC major. She “now understands the importance of documenting things that happen in [her] life” and uses the power of video and photography to create lasting memories while abroad.

Writing Across the Pond

Not only is Allison studying in Oxford, she is also writing for us here in Abilene, despite the distance. When interviewing Allison, I asked her why she is still writing for The Optimist, fighting deadlines with time differences and finding enough time between all of her traveling to sit down and come up with ideas.

“I love The Optimist and I love writing,” Brown says, “[writing for The Optimist] keeps me accountable to think a bit more critically about my experiences than just blogging once in a blue moon.” And even though she has complete freedom in what she writes, she still finds it difficult to figure out what topic to write about.

The process of submitting a piece to The Optimist is easier than one would imagine. “I normally stay up super late trying to think of an idea,” Brown explains, ”then I get on WordPress, copy and paste that bad boy online, text the dear editor Madeline Orr and tell her I got my column in before deadline in America.” Thanks to technology. Brown can stay connected to the ACU community, even across the pond.


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