ACU JMC in Europe

The JMC department is gearing up for a study abroad trip this May to Europe. The group consists of 17 students and one professor, Dr. Kenneth Pybus. They’ll travel to Oxford and London, England as well as Mainz and Berlin, Germany.

The group will depart on May 11, and will spend the rest of the month travelling, learning and experiencing all that Europe has to offer. Pybus will be teaching Communication Law, a class required for all JMC majors, and he’s hoping that someone from Oxford University can speak to the students about British libel law. The group will also be free to explore the city of Oxford, including museums, punting on the Cherwell–I’ve heard this is the most quintessentially Oxford thing to do–Harry Potter tours and plenty of Oxford University parks.

Mainz is the next stop on the list and is possibly the most important journalistic aspect of the trip because the city is home to the first printing press, which was the start of true mass communication and journalism.

After that, the group will move on to Berlin, the capital of Germany. They’ll take an excursion to Wittenberg, birthplace of the reformation and the site of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses. They’ll also take a tour of Berlin to see everything in the historic city, and then the students are free to come home or travel more in Europe.


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