A day at the Office


Public Relations is valuable in almost any situation in life. When you are faced with a difficult situation in life you must know how to fix the problem from all different angles, which is basically what PR is. It also involves engaging and building relationships with the people around you. For today’s blog I am interviewing Kinsey Lee. Kinsey is a Junior AD/PR from Plano, Texas who works for Morris + Mitchell which is our on campus, student run Advertising and Public Relations in the Journalism and Mass Communications Department.

The work at the agency never ends. Students are here on campus working endless hours to put together events and cater to the clients. The team calls themselves “a collaborative family of individuals from different backgrounds collectively pulling together to help solve marketing and advertising problems for the community of Abilene and beyond.” Some of the clients include: The Red Thread Movement, Pura Vida Media Campaign, Springboard Ideas Challenge, and The Frontier Texas Exhibits.

Some of the work that the students do on the advertising side includes: Brand Image development, Media Planning, Print Ads, Brochures and Newsletters and Direct Mail. On the Public Relations side this includes things such as Press Kits, Publicity, News Releases and Event Marketing. To better describe Morris + Mitchell Kinsey Lee has sat down with me to tell us about her experience working for the agency.




Can you elaborate more on the clients of Morris+ Mitchell and what they do here in Abilene?

Some of our current clients include Frontier Texas, ACU Marketing, The Department of State, P4X, ACU Career Center, and more. I personally work with Frontier Texas and ACU Marketing. All of our clients are in very different industries which gives us a wide variety of experience. Some are non-profits while some are for-profits and some are local while some are national. We also help plan and execute events for our department (JMC) including the Gutenberg Awards and senior send off party.

 What is the hardest part of your job?

The hardest part of my job as an Account Director is timing. Since we are student-run, things sometimes don’t happen as fast as we would like. I have learned that working in an agency requires a lot of approvals and since we are all students as well this process usually takes a while. I am a full time student and have a another job on top of being an Account Director at Morris+Mitchell. This is the case for a lot of people involved in M+M and so we all have to learn to manage our time really well. We have to plan things very far in advance to get them done according to schedule. It has taught me a lot about time management and being organized from conception to execution of a project.

Are you more interested in working in Advertising or Public Relations?

I personally am actually more interested in promotional event planning. However, being an Account Director has taught me a lot about working in an Ad/PR agency and I absolutely LOVE it! I definitely could see myself doing something like this with my career. I am still trying to figure everything out as to what exactly I want to do but Morris+Mitchell is definitely a good place to learn what you like and what you don’t like.

What does an average day at the agency look like?

Everyday is completely different. I never know what my day is going to look like. I am often prioritizing what needs to get done, delegating tasks to my team, working on tasks myself, and e-mailing/calling/meeting with my clients. I constantly have a to-do list and it is never empty. Almost every time that I cross something off, something else gets added. Its a constant adventure/race to get things done.


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