A glance at Paige Otway

Whenever there is a sporting event on campus, the Optimist knows one person they can heavily rely on, her name is Paige Otway. Paige Otway (Junior) has been working for the Optimist for three years and recently won third place in sports category for the Dallas Morning News Amateur Photographer of the Year. The role of a photographer for the Optimist is that of something simple. On the first day of the week Paige will receive and assignment for the week, for example, a men’s basketball game on Tuesday night at 7:30. When she receives her assignment for the week she must plan accordingly to make things work around her event. When Paige shows up for an event she will show up early and get her camera and equipment ready to go. Paige Otway is one of the best photographers the Optimist has ever had on staff so when she receives and assignment she knows how to get the job done and get the job done right. The role of a photographer for the Optimist isn’t just to take pictures; it is to inform the students of Abilene Christian University of the things going on around not only campus but also the city of Abilene. There is much more to a photographer than just taking cool pictures, it is to be a kind of ambassador to the University. That is the role of a photographer for the Optimist.





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