Where are They Now?

A look at ACU alumni and their life after Graduation.



Steve Cantrell is the director of client services at the Balcom Agency in Fort Worth, Texas. Cantrell is a graduate of ACU and was a student in the JMC department. He was recently honored with the Gutenberg Award from the department. After graduation Cantrell started at the Phillips Agency and then transitioned into becoming account director at Meyer & Johnson. Since then Steve has worked at the Balcom Agency.

The Balcom Agency is known for their innovation and inspiration in their field of work. It was founded in 1993 and provides branding, marketing and communication services to their clients. There he oversees and regulates the agency’s account service and media teams. Cantrell has drummed up a long list of impressive clients such as The Texas Rangers Baseball Club, The Cotton Bowl Athletic Association, Cavender’s Outfitters and Southwest Bank. I recently got the chance to interview Mr. Cantrell and ask him a few questions about his work since graduating from ACU.



  1. How did your experience at ACU help you find your first job after graduation?


Cantrell: My experience at ACU helped in two ways. First, I believe I

‪was well prepared through my classes and the practical experience received

‪through working on the Optimist and KACU. They helped me learn to manage

‪deadlines and gave me real world experience in the media. Second, the ACU

‪network of alumni and fellow JMC graduates were key in finding my first

‪job. I was hired at an advertising agency that was owned by an ACU




  1. How did attending a Christian institution effect how you act in the business world today? 


Cantrell: My faith affects everything I do in business and at home. And ACU was key in developing that faith. While at ACU, I learned that whatever field you go into, that you can make a difference and live out your faith daily in the workplace. I think I appreciate that more now 30 years later, than I ‪did when I first graduated.




  1. What is your favorite thing about working at The Balcom Agency? 


 Cantrell: The people and the atmosphere. The Balcom culture is unique “family”

atmosphere that you don’t see at most workplaces. We work hard and we all

challenge each other to “B-Great”, but we also enjoy working together. We

have fun at work. Big egos are not allowed and we always share in our

success and even the failures. In our culture, there is “I”, it’s always




  1. If you had one piece of advice you could give to a recent graduate looking for a job, what would it be? 


Cantrell: ‪ Advice on looking for that first job – Network. Reach out to recent graduates and others that you know and network. Don’t be afraid to make

‪connections. Also, the first job may not be your ideal position, but use

‪it to learn and build your experience. The first job is by far the most

‪difficult to find. Then work hard and prove your value to the company, and

‪it’s amazing how other doors will open for you.


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