The Real MVP

Few things have changed recently in the world of ACU Journalism & Mass Communication. Students are still required to do an internship, learn multimedia techniques and work for the Optimist or Morris + Mitchell.

One student, junior Daniel Zepeda, does work within the JMC department that branches throughout several ACU media platforms. In his first year as sports director, Zepeda oversees all sports coverage the Optimist provides in print, Internet and video.

“Ultimately, I make sure that all three platforms are speaking with one voice in our coverage,” Zepeda said. “That means the print coverage is equal to video, video is producing the same level of content that the website is and visa versa.”

The Sports Director position requires Zepeda to run the sports section of the Optimist and have all platforms covered during ACU athletic events. He writes and assigns recaps, previews and athlete features, has videographers covering each game from different angles, creates highlight reels for, and is a producer and contributor for the Ken Collums Show. Though he has a committed staff to rely on, he ensures nobody drops the ball.

The sports director position has been around for a long time, but only within the past decade or so has Internet coverage been such a huge part of Wildcat news. Zepeda and his predecessor, Matthew Sloan, were the first to apply social media to ACU sports.

With Zepeda at the helm, the ACU Sports Twitter page has become a reliable source of game coverage and news. In the fall of 2013, Zepeda started using Twitter more often, tweeting out athletics schedules, game finals, news and updates, along with stories and video packages.

“As far as Twitter goes, I consider that my personal baby,” Zepeda said. “We went from 75 followers when I took over to nearly 600 today. With everything moving towards the Internet, it is impossible to stay relevant without an online and social media presence.”

With another year to go before graduation, it will be exciting to see what else Zepeda can accomplish before his time at ACU is up.


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